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Lola Straton

Health Coach | Pilates Instructor |

Nutrition Coach in Amsterdam

Longevity is not about adding years to your life. It's about adding life to your years

Getting old is mandatory, but deterioration is optional! Can we stay young no matter how old we are?

We certainly can if we take care of our Health... Health Puzzle.

Do you want to feel energized instead of tired after a meal? Stop eating emotionally, but eat to your pleasure and health? Find joy in movement instead of forcing yourself to the gym? Do you want to surround yourself with people who fuel you instead of drain (yes, this is a major part of Longevity work!)

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Lola Straton health and lifestyle coach Amsterdam


Hi! I'm your Longevity Coach

With a background in martial arts, dance, yoga and pilates, with an overweight past and a happily diagnosed ADHD - I know very well how overwhelming it might feel to need to take care of your own health alone.


I offer evidence based health approach to Longevity.

Science has answers to all of youquestions.

You need a guide who will personalize science and make it work for you.

I’m Henrietta Lolita Straton - your health and longevity coach in Amsterdam (and beyond), a nutrition coach and pilates instructor. Here to help you with weight management, preventing diseases, improve energy, teach you sleep better and feel truly healthy in your mind, body and spirit.

Remember: your longevity is dependent on lifestyle by 75%, only 25% is genetics!

Let's Do It Together

Lola Straton Nutrition Coach Amsterdam

Health Coach

Individual and Family Health Coach Plans to redesign your diet, exercise and lifestyle



Pilates classes in groups and privates, post injury and chronic pain recovery programs, prenatal & postnatal pilates in Amsterdam

female health coach Netherlands


Movement Camps

Where nutrition, movement and lifestyle meet to return back home as a new person


Lola Straton

Health Coach | Pilates Instructor | Nutritionist

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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